Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Experience or function?

Being human is a not a life sentence.
not functional - as much as our ego thinks we are 'what' we do.
But our egos are small minded like that.

We are here to experience it all: form, love, fear and everything in between.
You don't know who you are until you are pushed beyond your limits.
Only then do you witness the true potentiality of the human spirit.

Don't run from the limits.
Run towards them.
Sword waving, mouth wide in a roar of excitement,
As you slay the dragons standing in your way.
You. Warrior.
Only then will you see the limits were illusions.

Warriors who have come across the universe to experience this thing called 'life' together.
Right here, right now.
it is in these tiny, quantum moments of decision:
You create the experience of life that only you can have.
Unstoppable you.

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