Monday, July 10, 2017

Chasing Dreams with Grey Jabesi in Cape Town, South Africa

I recently Skyped into Cape Town, South Africa to talk 'lions testicles' with Grey Jabesi on his wonderful podcast, the Grey Ave. 
In this conversation we get really specific about how to play with a lion's testicles (take a risk and chase a dream) and Grey even shares what's been holding him back from grabbing his dream to write a book by the knackers. 
Hint: it's the same thing that holds us all back: resistance.

The Grey Ave Podcast is a multi platform concept aimed at bringing together like-minded 'Type A' players from various fields to learn from each other’s experiences. By chatting and listening to their stories, I try to find patterns in what makes them successful.

The podcast is a reflection of the things that I’m interested in like entrepreneurship, technology, art, travel and randomness:), so you can expect more of that.
The guests are global, and the topics are broad. Surely you can learn something from each conversations regardless.

Grey Jabesi, Cape Town

Tune in here or on itunes to listen in.

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