Sunday, September 4, 2011

Words of Wisdom From Beyond

When my father’s life was coming to a close he wrote the following letter to me.  The personal beginning and ending have been omitted but I believe that the rest is wisdom anyone can appreciate.

·      Be pleasant and courteous to those less fortunate than you, the genuine smile they reward you with will last you a long time

·      Never show a mean nature

·      Don’t brood over problems, either fix them or forget them for good

·      Enjoy life every minute as you are living it, don’t wait for an uncertain retirement to start living

·      Remember – these are the days you will think about and you will call them The Good Old Days

·      Never say an angry word to somebody, you may find you were judging them wrongly and perhaps lost somebody who could have been a friend for life

·      You don’t have to go to church to adopt Christian values

·      If you lend somebody twenty dollars and never see them again it was probably the best money you ever spent

·      If you have to borrow money, repay it on time with a smile and sincere thanks

·      If you’re not sure how to handle a situation try to imagine how somebody you respect and admire would handle it

·      Always consider other people’s feelings before your own

·      Never be late, it wastes other people’s time

·      Make some really good friends even if you don’t see them often.  You need them when you go through the rough parts of life.

·      Never gossip, it gives you a bad reputation

·      Give advice freely and carefully only when asked, but never tell anyone what they should do

·      Always take pride in your appearance, even if you are only house cleaning

·      Only impress people by being your normal self

·      Remember friends and families birthdays

·      Always remember your please and thank yous

·      Do the difficult or unpleasant jobs today, you will sleep better

·      Don’t be untidy, it reflects an untidy mind

·      If you do something, give it your best

It’s all about life and making the most of it.  Go forth and enjoy.


  1. I really enjoyed that. People waste their lives reading self help books and your father gave them all they need in a few lines.

    1. True, he makes it sound so simple and in fact it really is! I'm glad you enjoyed this :-)

  2. if everyone lived their life like these words wouldnt the world be a wonderful place. All of the people I have met have never fulfilled this unfortunately.

  3. I try to live this mannerism more and more each day. He sounds like a wonderful person to have been a delight to meet.