Friday, September 23, 2011

The Expedition Project In Africa - A Vehicle of Transformation

 Volunteering in South Africa last year changed my life for the better, forever.  Not only did it change the way I looked at things abroad, it changed the way I viewed things at home.  The founder of the organization I volunteered with has just launched the Expedition Project.  This project and the opportunity to be a part of it is incredibly exciting.  Roger is a passionate conservationist, social change activist and entrepreneur.  This project needs volunteers, sponsors and any kind of support you can offer.  If you want to change your life, or contribute to changing someone else's then check it out.

  1. So what is The EXPEDITION Project?
The EXPEDITION Project is not simply an expedition, or a journey. It certainly isn’t a once off feel-good campaign or adventure trip. It also isn’t a green washing CSI project The EXPEDITION Project is a voice, a vehicle of transformation and change for the people to join any time they want. In short it is taking the form ofannual expeditions but it is so much more than that. We want to be the eyes, ears and voice of a nation and hopefully one day a world. Teams will be evaluating,establishing, and initiating projects and finding suitable partners for such projects in the form of government and private sectors. The EXPEDITION project is not trying to be everything for everyone or spreading itself too thin, it is quite simply taking the form of an observer and then producing solutionspractical visions, andsustainable options. For at the heart of it, it is about you and I and the world we live in.

  1. The EXPEDITION Project 101
The EXPEDITION Project is really just a CSI hub. It is "just" an organization that facilitates connections between ‘corporates’ and worthy CSI projects. That’s "all".

The big difference is in the HOW. And in what YOU get out of it.

We make it sustainable by generating major media exposure not just for the sake of publicity, but also for creating awareness and getting ordinary people involved. Or, if not involved, then at least conscious - thus creating a groundswell of social change.

  1. The EXPEDITION Project 2012
The EXPEDITION Project 2012 is our foundation year. It will involve a dedicated team traveling around the entire South African border in 365 days. The team will be stopping over in 200 towns with the aim of establishing projects for 2013 onwardsCrazy? Yes, probably. Ambitious? Yes, definitely. Achievable? Absolutely.

  1. Finally…
Life matters, down to Earth we CAN create the future, we can live to work! Life is more that an journey or an adventure, life is more than a project or a feel-good campaign. We are the vehicle of OUR own transformation. It is up to us to turn practical visions into sustainable solutions. We can do more than observe. Life is all about heart.
Life IS ‘ The EXPEDITION Project’!

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