Sunday, October 29, 2017

Talking Lion's Testicles with Janice Tolmich on her Clever Podcast

From Janice:

In my latest podcast episode, speaker and author, Melissa Haynes put a fire under me to make some changes. I hope she has the same effect on you!

Melissa is a bright spark. From the way she tags herself as a Free-Spirited, Dream-Chasing Adventure Junkie and Published Scribbler, to how she titled her book, "Learning to Play with a Lion’s Testicles” she gives those of us who are communicators (all of us) and presenters, a lesson in how to make others curious and grab their attention.

We talk about Melissa's TEDx Talk, "The Secret of Achievers, Conquerors & Living Life to the Fullest", which is based on her book. She shares how she prepared for her talk and how it felt to stand on the red circle of the TEDx stage.

Through her book and speaking, Melissa encourages you to "have the courage to have the courage". If you've experienced fear and put your dreams aside, Melissa says that ninety-two percent of people give up on their dreams before they even try. Whether your dream is to write a book, travel to an exotic destination, or share your story on stage, Melissa will light you up to chase your dreams (and not be one of the ninety-two percent).

In this podcast episode, Melissa encourages you to take risks, to try, and to chase your dreams.

Listen in, won't you?

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