Monday, May 15, 2017

Lay Down Your Sword. Interview on CKNW 98 with Host, Maureen McGrath

Last night I sat down with Host, Maureen McGrath of the Sunday Night Sex and Relationship show to talk about Playing with a Lion’s Testicles.

First, I should explain the meaning of playing with a lion’s testicles as some of your listeners may think your show has taken an awkward turn.

Playing with a lion’s testicles is a South African expression that means, have the courage to have the courage.

Your show is a relationship show, why don’t we talk about having the courage to repair the most important but ignored (human) relationship most of us will ever have? 
The relationship with self.

The most challenging and neglected relationship most of us have is the relationship with ourselves.

And perhaps the most toxic poison we carry with us is that of guilt.

We are the only creature on earth who will beat ourselves up over and over and over again for a mistake we made. How many times do we have to pay?

When in reality, our universe is evolving, our planet is evolving, everything in nature is evolving – the acorn that evolves into a seedling into an oak tree – and we, too are evolving and learning. We are here to learn the lessons we signed up for, even if we have to repeat the lesson, over and over and over and over again.

Some of us have high expectations that we’re not allowed to make mistakes, that we should already be perfect, that we should have all the answers.
We are human – yes it’s a temporary condition, but we are human. We’re supposed to evolve and have room for improvement.

How do we do that?
1)    Have the courage to lay down your sword. To go without and go within. Everything that comes up that isn’t loving needs healing. It’s coming up to be healed. And you can’t heal by swinging a sword at those things. You heal through love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness for yourself.
2)    Lay down the sword of self-recrimination, the sword of judgement and guilt you hold against your own throat. Louise Hay wrote a book 30 years ago called, You can Heal Your Life and she says, look in your own eyes and say, I love you and accept you for who you are right now and I forgive you. Healing and Forgiveness are two branches on the same tree of relationships.

When you lay down your sword you release yourself from the tyranny of guilt and self-attack.

It takes more courage to love than to hate, to forgive than to fight. Most of our thoughts about ourselves are fearful, negative ones.

The exit door to fear is courage. Courage to improve the most important and neglected (earthly) relationship you will ever have. Everything worth living for is on the other side of that door.

A Course in Miracles says, it is in your defenselessness that you will find your strength.
Lay down your sword.

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