Monday, June 6, 2016

You Won the Lottery

You won the lottery. And so did I. We are the lucky aliens who got to come to this planet and know form in its never ending possibilities and, more importantly, the human experience.

The ‘universe’ created this blue mass of miracles for us. The sky is blue for us, the mountains high for us, the grass green for us, the birds sing for us, the sun shines for us, the clouds rain for us, the trees give shade to us. Stars light the sky for us in the darkness, the darker the sky, the more stars there are to remind us that even in the darkness, we are never alone. Everything we could ever imagine is right here. In perfect form.

Next time, before you squash a spider, suspend your fear momentarily and just stop to really look at it. Look at his furry legs, his tiny pinchers, the design on his back. Like, who came up with that design? To say it was beautiful would be an insult because it’s miraculous.

What’s even more miraculous is the function of a spider. What kind of a mathematical genius, architect and engineer does he need to be to spin a web, in the dark, without so much as a rudimentary tool? Just think of the planning and thought that goes into not only it’s design but placement?

Spiders catch bugs, hummingbirds eat spiders, it’s all a perfectly balanced and intelligent piece in a system with an infinite number of pieces all designed to function perfectly with all other pieces in the system.

And we are the ones who got to come here and witness it. Explore it. Stand in awe of it. 
It's easy to let the distractions, the disappointments and the temporary set-backs of life bring us down. In those moments, more than ever, we need to remember that we won the lottery. We really did.

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