Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Remember You

I am as you are.
We are one and of the same.
Perfection. Divine. Love. Light. Brilliance.
We are all brothers and sisters who experience these temporary homes we call bodies.
Souls sharing the gift of human experience.
When I see you I will smile, and know that it is genuine.
I'm not intoxicated, I just remember who you are.
We are One and of the same.

Free will is ours to try different things, learn different skills, live in different lands, study different teachings, and believe whatever we choose.
Our ego would lead us to believe that our differences make us separate, better, worse, special or unworthy - but we won't be fooled by that sneaky devil, at least, not for long.

He leads us to believe we suffer alone, but truth reminds us we suffer together in our successes disguised as failures and our growth disguised as heartaches.
We must only look to the left, the right, behind and in front of us to find one who suffers equally as we do.
But we must only look within to find the antidote to our suffering for it is here, in our hearts, where there is enough love to heal the world.

Until then, when I see you I will smile for I remember who you are and who you are is perfect.

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