Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Acceptance. Exhale. Acceptance. Let Go. Acceptance.

Acceptance is what takes over when we stop asking the questions that have no answers. It is what eases the suffering. It is the answer we seek, yet resist. Acceptance.

From the tiniest crack to the blackest hole, acceptance will attempt to fill the void, if we let it. Acceptance.

Acceptance stands alone. It cannot exist with judgment, bargaining or emotion. It does not need recognition for it already is. Acceptance. 

We need not embrace acceptance, we need not rejoice in it, we need merely invite it in to the space that needs occupying. Acceptance.

Acceptance is strength. Acceptance foreshadows solace, and, the courage to move forward albeit changed, to become unstuck. Acceptance.

Acceptance. Exhale. Acceptance. Let Go. Acceptance.

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