"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
Change begins with you right here, right now, are you ready?

Melissa Haynes is a storyteller on both the stage and page.  

Her talks deliver powerful messages to inspire audiences to shift towards positive change through acts of courage and service in the business world, personal life and community at large.

Corporate Events - Personal Development Conferences - Charity Functions

Let's talk about your exciting event.

Recent Testimonials:

"I am the Producer of the TEDxStanleyPark conference of 2600 attendees which took place to rave reviews on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver.
Melissa Haynes was one of 13 speakers at this conference.
She was a delight to work with - hardworking, limitless energy, a positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm.
Melissa's talk was worthy of the standing ovation that she received on her big day.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Melissa. She was a great team-mate and valued asset of TEDxStanleyPark."
 - Roger Killen, Producer TEDx Stanley Park

I run a 1,200 member-driven community called Inspired Victoria, and recently I wanted a speaker to deliver an inspirational talk on courage and personal challenge. I found Melissa through her website, and after reading her book, I knew her story was exactly what I was looking for.

Melissa did not disappoint. Her talk was moving, emotional and humorous; but above all, it struck the tone to the audience to take action towards their dreams. 

In addition, Melissa was very generous with the participants who wanted to meet her in person. For these reasons, I highly recommend Melissa Haynes to speak at your event. 
-       David Knapp Fischer, Inspired Victoria

“Melissa combines her own personal story with humorous insight and engaging storytelling to inspire and amuse her audience.   She is a delight to have as a speaker and will not disappoint.”
- Jo-Ann Turner, Past President, Rotary Women’s Association

"Melissa simply rocks! She is smart, courageous, sincere, and most importantly, she is real. As one of the TEDx Stanley Park Speaker Evaluators, I can absolutely say that Melissa is a delight to work with and I would invite her on my stage any day!"

~ Isabelle Mercier – CEO of LeapZone Strategies, Host of LeapTV and Speaker Evaluator for TEDx Stanley Park.

Melissa's was a huge success as a TEDxStanleyPark speaker. On that journey she demonstrated grit, dedication and of course, courage. Her speech resonated with thousands. And this year she made another huge contribution when she joined the coaching team for the event. Once again, she brought balance, kindness, a keen eye as well as her experience. No wonder the speakers loved her and her valuable insights and input.

If you need Melissa's sure hand with all the admirable work she does, rest assured that she will deliver in spades every time! - Sharookh Daroowala, Head Coach TEDxSP

Watch Melissa's TEDx Talk, 'Have the Courage to Have the Courage,' filmed before an audience of 2800 at the historic Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC, here.

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