Story Coach

"The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without"  
Ernest Hemingway

Big Ideas need a Big Foundation.

Enter Story Craft.

Stories are the bedrock of civilization.

Stories told well shape civilization.  

In my capacity as the Producer of one of the world’s largest TEDx events – TEDxStanleyPark - I worked intensely with Melissa Haynes during the months preceding the 2018 event. Melissa coached several speakers (after being a speaker last year). During that time I observed that Melissa:

§was highly knowledgeable about what it took to deliver an inspiring talk
§ got things done effectively and efficiently
§ was a skilled communicator and diplomat
§ was unflappable under highly stressful conditions
§ inspired others with her ‘can do’ attitude
§ was a strong, courageous and lovable leader.

Melissa was always a delight to work with. Her reasoned thinking, fair-mindedness, limitless energy, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made her a great team-mate and valued leader. She was much loved and highly respected by all, especially those she coached. Roger Killen, Producer, TEDxSP

Melissa is incredible. Her talents for knowing what people want to hear and read astound me. She assisted with my TEDx script and turned it from good, to magnificent. She sprinkled magic into my talk and I will be forever grateful. Wisdom and wit are just two crucial qualities she will bring to any writing she has a hand in. – Victoria Welsby, Confidence Expert at Bam Pow Life.

For the last 18 years, I’ve been a business coach, and I appreciate it when someone takes the time and puts in the effort to coaching and teaching me.
For 6 months, I’ve been preparing and I had hit a major snag. When Melissa offered to "have a look" I was relieved, and then I was truly floored. She came in like a whirlwind and gave a new perspective. My speech didn't change -the way I structured it did.
Right away, I felt better and more confident - and actually more aligned with my topic than we were before.
Thank you Melissa, - You're very good at what you do. Dominic Rubino – FocalPoint Business Coach

Melissa has been an invaluable story coach. As a TED speaker, crafting a story that was true to life and that delivered a clear and powerful message was critical. Melissa’s deep understanding of story theory as well has her spot-on intuitive response kept me on track. Melissa helped me with keeping my script true to the genre of Big Idea Non Fiction, to incorporate the Hero’s Journey and to do so within a limited word count. Anyone endeavouring to write will save time, increase efficiency and wind up with a more satisfying product with Melissa’s coaching. – Camille Metha, Artist and Teacher.

Melissa's was a huge success as a TEDxStanleyPark speaker. On that journey she demonstrated grit, dedication and of course, courage. Her speech resonated with thousands. And this year she made another huge contribution when she joined the coaching team for the event. Once again, she brought balance, kindness, a keen eye as well as her experience. No wonder the speakers loved her and her valuable insights and input.

If you need Melissa's sure hand with all the admirable work she does, rest assured that she will deliver in spades every time! - Sharookh Daroowala, Head Coach TEDxSP

Sharing my delicious message at TEDxStanleyPark 2018 was my dream come true. Melissa’s laughter, coaching, input and energy went above and beyond when she stepped-in to help me with her mastery and skills in ways I would not have known I needed. 
Melissa noticed that I needed support, broke down my script, made notes, drawings, suggestions. Her encouragement made me feel like there was a ‘coach’ in my corner who believed in me. She went out of her way to make sure that I had the practice so I could polish and shine on the big day. Melissa’s laughter, smile, exuberance and belief helped me rock that stage. Most importantly to me, I knew in my heart that she was doing it because she cared. - Amy Color, Sex and Intimacy Coach

Melissa assesses life lessons through a lens focused on story structure, conflict, character development, humor and universal truths. She appraises ethos, logos, and pathos. Melissa understands scene painting with dialogue required to “show” complex realities - complete with relevant takeaway messages - inside of 16 minutes. She is a rare talent!

Melissa communicates clearly, with compassion. She guides individuals to abandon self-doubt, access personal tenacity, and address human challenges.

Did I mention, Melissa is also an adrenaline junkie and shark conservationist?

Seek Melissa when you need novel perspective, clarity of purpose, or a gentle nudge … onto a stage or into a shark cage.- Dr. Renee Jacobs

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