My African Photos

Welcome Readers,
I hope you have enjoyed reading Learning to play with a Lion's Testicles as much as I enjoyed writing it.
In response to your requests, I have included some photos here of my African adventure. If you haven't read the book yet, I recommend reading the book first to allow your own imagination to paint these pictures before viewing my original photos. 
If you've ever dreamed of going to Africa I can promise you it as just as amazing as you think it may be and volunteering will ensure your adventure is purpose-driven.

Go For It!

All photos are ©Melissa Haynes. 

The Tent Camp

Home Sweet Home

African Sky at Night: camera didn't capture the trillions of stars
One view from the tent camp
The lion camp also borders the tent camp
Kittibon and Selati on the other side of the tent camp
Shaka the Eland
Giant Aloe


Landberg Mountain Range

Lioness at the back of Harrison

Cow Carcass for Lions

Looking out the back of the truck

This photo was used for the cover of my book

Hope: The Wildebeest 
A Bontebok just like Bonty
Chopping down barriers
Trailer of Branches for Ellies
Removing Poles from Ellie Camp
Territorial Ellies

Elephants Never Miss

Kittibon trying to get in the truck
African Sunrise
African Sunset

Giant Aloes at Dusk
An African Sky is like no other

The Yellow Gloves
Crocodile I

Crocodile II

Crocodile III

Crocodile IV

Crocodile V
Tree planting in the lion's camp

Tree planting in the lion's camp

Fence Work

Fence work at the Lion's Camp
Cape Zebra
Driving the big rig

Buffalo Chase
Cleaning Kittibon's boma
Mama and Baby, Habiby

Hormonal Male Rhino
Cheetah Kill

Rebuilding roads a stone at a time

Tracking Cheetah
Cheetah Tracks
Do not ever do this. Seriously.

The Regal Hartebeest (from book after storm)
Her Partner
Ostrich Chase
Cheetah Breeding Program

Making peace with Kittibon

Dung Garden
The Shark Dive Begins

Seal Island

Dressing up like a seal
Phobia Realized

Approaching the cage

And now on the cage
Breeching Great White


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  1. Wow, this looks like one very amazing journey, Melissa. Thank you for sharing it!