Friday, February 24, 2017

Playing with a Lion's Testicles by Life Story Artist, Deborah LeFrank

Deborah is the owner of Visual Life Stories.
She attending a talk I gave in Victoria last month and created a beautiful picture story of the talk.
A little more about Deborah’s company:
At Visual Life Stories, our graphic journalists, are passionate about using beautiful words and captivating images to tell stories that create powerful, engaging, precious legacies in the form of beautifully crafted accordion style books. The perfect gift idea for your loved one.
This write-up from ‘Your Life Story’ graphic journalist, Deborah LeFrank.
I can take no credit for this intriguing title but I’m pretty sure it caught your attention. It comes from an African saying prompting you to face your fears. Author Melissa Haynes learned this expression when she decided to challenge her personal fears and head to Africa to answer an inner calling.
Have you ever had one of those inner calling kind of conversations with yourself where you think it might be a fun thing to do something but your logical brain says hell no, that’s way too over the top, too complicated, too scary, too whatever? And so you stay in the tried and true path of life. Hey and why not it’s a comfortable place.
In Africa, there are animals that can kill you pretty damn quickly, in particular the lion. Fear can be sensed by animals (and humans). This can get you into trouble if you are feeling scared and vulnerable. Melissa was struck with how facing the fear of a lion in the jungle speaks to facing our fears of living a passionate life.  The fear has you feeling like a chicken so you’re frozen from moving forward. In the jungle that will get you killed, in modern life it kills your dreams. So how do you go from feeling like a chicken to thinking like a lion?
Africans say that if you “Learn to Play with the Lion’s Testicles” you are facing your fears, remembering and showing how strong and powerful you are. When you choose change you can let go of fear and answer your life’s calling.    
Last month at an Inspired Victoria speaker night Melissa shared her story with us. She gave us a preview of the talk she will do March 4th in Vancouver at TEDx Stanley ParkHer website gives you an enlightening time line on the TED process, and it is in a word, daunting.

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