Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dare to be Fabulous!

I was recently asked by the very beautiful and talented fellow animal lover Johanna McCloy to submit an article as their October feature for Dare to be Fabulous. 
Hmmm, what is this Dare to be Fabulous website I thought. So I visited 'DTBF' and began to read stories by such women as Gloria Steinem, the hilarious Jenna Jolovitz and her 'hair-boiled egg' breasts, the brave Rebecca Chamaa, the honest mom, Molly Caro May, the independent Sohini Chakraborty and the adventurous photographer Jo-Anne McArthur. Hours passed as I was engulfed in laughter, tears but mostly inspiration within the beautiful stories Johanna has passionately collected.

I certainly didn't believe that little ol' me could mingle with such a group of outstanding women but Johanna encouraged me to write a story from the heart, so I did. 
And if you'd like to read it, you can read it right here. I encourage anyone who's looking for a dose of inspiration to check in at Dare to Be Fabulous, you won't be disappointed!

From the DTBF website:

Every woman’s personality and circumstances are unique, but all women share in the experience of hearing that inner voice and daring themselves on a daily basis, whether at work, at home, or at play. Daring to be fabulous could be daring to laugh, speak up, dance, engage, or in some cases, walk away. Just getting out bed in the morning could be a DTBF experience!
Story contributors range from groundbreaking and famous women, to one woman who has chosen to remain in splendid anonymity. They’re all in it together. Peruse featured stories and check out the roster of amazing contributors thus far. Have you heard the adage, “compare and despair”? Dare to be Fabulous proposes this antidote: “relate and celebrate! The personal is universal, and the universal personal. Every affirming action reverberates into the world and bolsters others in its wake.

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