Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Coolest Tools We Have

Stephen Covey said, "Live today from your imagination instead of your history," but why not live each day from our imagination instead of our temporary reality? We use to. Just spend some time observing kids - they're Imagination and Creativity professionals. In fact, they're so in tune with the power of these tools that they beg us to join them in their imaginative worlds too.

Before we entered this world, each and every one of us were armed with the only tools we really need: imagination and creativity. Every problem can be solved using just those two things. 
And every moment can be so cool when we use these tools ingrained within us. Problem is, like the measuring tape that's always gone missing, we've misplaced these tools somewhere along the way too. 
Truth is, we never really lost them, we just lost faith in them and turned them in for 'reality'. Which, doesn't really exist. Any reality is just a temporary state - even this human reality. So why not lighten life up with some imagination and creativity? Every great thing has been born from these two magical ingredients: the airplane, the wheel, skyscrapers, organ transplants - hardly just child's play! But imagination and creativity can make every day fun, peaceful, exciting, and a welcome break from so-called 'reality'.

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