Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Gratitude Practice

Tony Soprano

Breath. A fresh start. Optimism. A warm duvet. A cold nose. A wagging tail. Unconditional love. Red leaves. Orange leaves. Yellow leaves. Autumn. A curious crow. A flying squirrel. A fearless hummingbird.  A rambling tree. A babbling stream. 1000 shades of green. Patches of baby blue peaking out behind dark grey clouds. Singing birds. Whispering winds. A knocking wood-pecker. Abundance. Hot soup. The pop machine that stole my $1.25 and gave me a lesson in patience in return. Yoga pants. Flip flops. An unexpected hug. Books by Pam Grout. Music by the Black Eyed Peas. A friendly email from a stranger. An invitation to a foreign land. Lost money found. My favorite cereal on sale. A smile. Another smile. Friends. Memories. A heart that beats. Lungs that breathe. Eyes that see. Ears that hear. Legs that move. Hips that groove. A mind that dreams. Unconditional love.


  1. Thank you for showing me all the things I missed today. I need to go back to my gratitude journal and add alot more!