Saturday, October 18, 2014

Calling All Animal Lovers! You DO make a difference

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Calling all animal advocates! Sharks and Rays need your voice for international protection. If you have TWO MINUTES you can help by signing this letter now so it can be presented at the Convention of Migratory Species in a few weeks!

On behalf of the sharks and rays, THANK YOU! XOXOXO

Here's the complete press release from Alex Earl of Project Aware (or just click on this link now and sign the letter):

We're just weeks away from the 11th meeting of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) where the future of 21 migratory shark and ray species will be discussed and debated. 

Project AWARE is making every effort to get the best results we can. But we need your help to amplify our voice as a global community of concerned scuba divers. 

Will you add your name to our campaign and urge #CMSCoP11 to take international action for sharks and rays? Here's how you can help: 
1. Send a letter to decision makers and use your voice to support shark and ray proposals.
2.  Join the Thunderclap and send a strong message to CMS Parties #SharksWithoutBorders. 
Sharks and rays aren't interested in political boundaries. To help threatened migratory species rebound and thrive, international cooperation is vital.
Take two minutes to send a letter now to select CMS leaders. Ask them to support proposals to list 21 shark and ray species and collaborate for the conservation of shared shark and ray populations.

For the Ocean,

Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation
P.S. Sharks and rays desperately need national safeguards and regional conservation initiatives.  Raise your voice to those with decision making power by sending a letter today. We must act now.

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