Friday, September 26, 2014

E-Cubed book by Pam Grout Experiment #2

UPDATE: I won the contest! AWESOME. Thank you Pam Grout and Hay House. I can't wait to read the all the great books you're sending. This stuff really, really works. They key ingredient? Believe it. 

Pam Grout blogged about the contest and my book which completes Experiment #3 where I changed a current belief and changed it 180 degrees. My new belief was, My book is going to receive a fantastic celebrity shout-out and Pam did just that on her blog.

I'm currently reading Pam Grout's fantastic new book, E-Cubed. It's a series of experiments that prove the FP (Field of Potentiality) exists and what we want to see, we do.

Experiment #2 The Red Pill Corollary

The Theory: My beliefs and expectations impact what I draw from the FP.
The Question: Is it possible I only see what I expect to see?
The Hypothesis: If I decide to look for the eight things below, I will find them.
Time Allowed: 72 hours. Start Date: Sept 21 9:00 am 

1) A Belly Laugh
I had a huge belly laugh while watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix but had no idea how to take a photo if that. I also had a huge belly laugh every time I found one of the things I was looking for - but again, how do I photograph that? But then I saw this guy in my local Vietnamese restaurant - guy (Buddah) with a big belly and laughing. 

2) A toy from your childhood
My little pony - not only did I have the identical one in my childhood, it was my favorite. A little girl was playing with this one and I snapped a photo.

3) Favorite song from high school - OK this is when it starts to get weird!
On Monday I was walking down Main street and passed by an old vinyl shop. In the window several covers were displayed - including a Prince album. Yes, I loved, and still love Prince. But, I was rushing and didn't take a photo! It wasn't until several hours later I was kicking myself. But then, low and behold while listening to the radio, Prince's Raspberry beret came on (all his songs were my favorites, but especially this one - I even had a raspberry beret!). I screeched over to the side of the road to take a photo of the radio information listing - and the funny thing is, this radio's songs NEVER come up on the information setting, it just lists the name of the radio station.

4) The Number 222
I was driving down the street with a big smile n my face because I just knew that as soon as I stopped desperately looking for the number 222 it would jump out at me. The next red light I came to I looked over and there was a bright yellow awning with the number 222 glaring at me.

5) A Beach Ball
With time running out I was searching high and low for a beach ball to no avail. I came home and was sorting through a pile of stickers and kazam! A whole sheet of teddy bears holding beach balls. I laughed because the whole time I had been looking for a big beach ball and these stickers were in front of me every day.

6) A senior citizen in a fashionable hat
On the first morning we went to a coffee shop and at the table behind me, in the middle of the shop was a senior in a fashionable hat. I discreetly took and photo but then questioned how fashionable her hat was, and wondered, is she really a senior citizen? I walked outside and across the street was another senior citizen, also in a fashionable hat with a big red bow. I took her photo as well. The FP was saying, not good enough? Here's another one for you then!

7) A Smile from a baby
The first morning while in the coffee shop, a young mom walked in with her six month old in a car seat. She plopped the seat down on the floor in the line behind me. I looked at the baby and sure enough, big gummy smile. But I couldn't bring myself to take a photo of a stranger's baby and risk getting arrested. I was struggling with how I was going to complete this one while at the hair salon, flipping through a magazine I came across a whole page of smiling babies!

8) A Billboard with a message for you.
OK, so with all these amazingly cool things happening, I thought, hmmm, there aren't really any billboards near where I live (or so I thought). But I was thinking how cool it was that when we change what we're looking for i.e. things that piss us off versus things to be grateful for or amazed about, this billboard nearly slapped me in the face! I drive by it every day but had never even noticed it before. The message was clear, this way of thinking is a brighter choice!

If you haven't yet, read E-Squared then E-Cubed by Pam Grout. You just may be amazed at the possibilities when we change our beliefs about what we expect to see.

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  1. Or....this life we are in right now is simly a version of The Matrix. Star Trek had an episode where a holographic person became self aware and became so dangerous the crew managed to trap him in a tiny computer cube where he would live out the rest of his life exploring the stars.