Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Gratitude Practice

Gratitude Practice: Bringing awareness to the every day moments that create joy in themselves and strung together create life.

Open windows. Frosty air. Breath. Feather blanket. Cold cheeks. Warm feet. Blue sky.  Sun. Hope. A ceiling above. A kiss. Legs that move. Clean water to brush teeth. Hair that co-operates. Jeans that fit. A wagging tail. Unconditional love. Hot tea. Almond milk. Sweet strawberries. A perfectly ripe banana. Friends who email. Friends who text. Laughter. A four star review. A car that starts. A radio that works. Feet that tap. Hands that rap. The man who smiles. The man who gives me crayons. The man who says, have a nice weekend. Good memories. Tough lessons remembered. Creative bursts. Fingers that type. A computer that co-operates. Inspirational passages to read. Colored pencils. Scented erasers. A pencil sharpener found. A hand-written letter. A thank you. Photographs. Plans being made. A two star review. Breath. Sweet luscious deep breath. It's Friday. A wagging tail. Warm gloves. A pink ipod. Music that beats. A heart that beats. Daffodils. Snowy drops. Old trees. Young trees. Safety. Leafy trees. Bald trees. Soft moss on fallen trees. My barking dog. His barking dog. A knowing smile between strangers. Hot tea. Salty chips. Cheddar cheese. A self compassionate whisper. Multi-colored Post-It notes. A broken doorbell. Quiet. A shared manuscript. A shared fear. A shared laugh. A connection deepened. Mascara. Almost wearable heels. A warm overcoat. A night out. A compliment. A table without a reservation. Crisp linen napkins. A friendly waitress. Warm flat bread. Slippery olives. Crunchy cheese. Kick-in-the-ass jalapeno sauce. Laughter. Cold beer. Warm buzz. Concepts created. Ideas shared. Ideas grown. More laughter. Moroccan lights. Puff pastry. Crisp air. An arm to hold. Heated seats. Freedom. Hooty and the Blowfish. Microphone thumbs. Lungs that sing. Hips that swing. Feet that tap. Fingers that snap. Windows that open. A lighted entry. A wagging tail. Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns. Icing that runs. Open windows. Feather blanket. Frosty air. Cold cheeks. Warm feet. Breath. Glorious breath. Thank you.