Saturday, April 27, 2013

Take a Leap Image

We all have comfort zones, some are a little plusher than others but the results are the same: they keep us from achieving our full potential.
            If we could look at our comfort zones what we would see is a room complete with cozy sofas, a big screen TV and mini-fridge. The TV would be blaring some mind-distracting program and sprawled out on the couches would be our demons and skeletons that have long since made the exit from the closets we use to stuff them in. The bookshelf would be cluttered with volumes of 'Excuses' and an Encyclopedia of 'Reasons I Can't'.
            Our demons have names like fear, self-doubt and guilt; they make sure the path to the door out is permanently blocked. But if we somehow find the courage and bravery to push our demons out of the way, the skeletons on the other couch start to scream things like,

            "Hey! Don't you remember what your mother said when you were six years old? She said you were bad!" and
            "What about that bully in high school? He said you were a loser and you know he was right. Now grab me a beer out of that mini-fridge before you sit down again."

There's nothing comforting about our comfort zone but there is one thing I know with absolute conviction and I know this from my own life experiences: outside the comfort zone is where true magic lives. There is nothing to be afraid of out here. No, it's not easy to break out, but it's not impossible either. I even wrote a whole book about it :-)
If you have a pulse then you were made to live a life without fear, without self-doubt and without guilt. You were made for greatness but greatness can't live in the comfort zone because fear doesn't want to share his couch with anyone. I urge you to take a chance and make the leap into the 'Magic Zone' because greatness is as unique as every one of us.

This year I am honored to be the keynote speaker for BCIT's AGM on May 16th in Vancouver. My topic will be 'How to Leap out of Your Comfort Zone'. I hope you will join us and leave with the tools necessary to leave your comfort zone for good.

You can register here.


  1. I hope that your speach in Vancouver went well! Will you be posting a video/audio so that we can listen to it?

    If not that would be something I would look into for the future for publicity/branding purposes!

  2. Thank you Max! The event is in one week and I sure will be posting a video on my site afterwards!